Domaine 16 ltd Risk assessment for Covid-19

Due to the ever-evolving situation and changes of restrictions, please check out the government website to understand what it means for you :


 The following document outlines how we will be managing potential contamination risk, in order to keep our customers, staff and premises safe. For more information, please contact us by phone or email.

Measures took regarding the following:


As suggested by government guidance, doors and windows will be open where possible to allow ventilation and a constant flow of air.

  • Outside the building, including door and handle will be cleaned and sanitised before opening.

  • Inside the building:

    • Before, after and during any service, the premises will be fully cleaned and sanitised, including furniture, railings, door handles, light switches, and any other surface that could be potentially contaminated.

    • Hand sanitiser stations are located at various points throughout the property.

    • Tables are been carefully set to comply with the social distancing regulation.

    • Signage will be found throughout the whole building in order to help with social distancing, and avoiding any gatherings of people at any place in the building.

  • Toilets:

    • All toilets will be fully cleaned and sanitised, before opening and closing. Guests will be encouraged to use wipes to disinfect surfaces before using the toilets and are reminded to wash their hands with antibacterial soap or hand sanitiser. Single use paper towels will be provided and disposed of.

  • Front of House:

    • Before and after any use of equipment or furniture, it will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

    • All floors are cleaned and sanitised with appropriate chemicals.

    • All surfaces around the bar area will be cleaned and sanitised regularly.

  • Kitchen:

    • The whole kitchen, including walls, equipment, and handles, light switches, any surfaces are cleaned and sanitised regularly as a matter of routine. Due to the current circumstances, these cleaning practices will be implemented even more strictly.



  • Only fit for work staff will be able to work.

  • All staff must have completed appropriate Coronavirus training, and understand how they are expected to work in the current circumstances.

  • If staff have any questions or worries, they must report to Stephanie Ronssin.

  • Staff must:

    • Ensure the clothes worn during service are clean and only worn while at work (not for travelling to work or at any time outside of work)

    • Staff must wear a disposable mask (or washable ) at all times when working, to be disposed of at the end of a shift or when required.

    • Staff should avoid touching their face if so, handwash must proceed and new PPE be use.

    • Staff must wash their hands thoroughly upon arriving at work, and ensure they are washing their hands continuously while they are working with antibacterial soap or use hand sanitiser. They must dry their hands with single use paper towel which will be disposed of.

    • Staff working shall be side by side rather than face to face.

    • Staff must always ensure they are social distancing with each other and with customers.

    • Staff must follow good hygiene practice and ensure they are continuously sanitising areas and surfaces as often as required.

    • If staff use the toilet, they must change their PPE, and obviously wash their hands thoroughly.



  • Customers must relax and enjoy their time

  • We are trusting the honesty and co-operation of our customers.

  • Customers will be made aware that if they are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, they will not be allowed to enter the restaurant.

  • Customers will be reminded by signage of the social distancing rules.

  • Customers is invited to follow information provided from posters and signage throughout the building. Staff will explain to customers specific rules relating to the current circumstances.

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be provided throughout the restaurant and customers will be encouraged to use them.

  • Single use napkins and menus will be provided for customers and disposed of afterwards.

  • Customers will be receiving table service to limit movement.

  • Customers will be encouraged to use contactless payment when possible. If not, gloves will be worn for handling cash, and the card machine will be wiped and sanitized before and after every use.



  • Welcoming the customer, showing them to their table, reminding them to use the QR code to access the menu. Paper menu will be available on request and then disposed of.

  • Staff must explain where the toilets are located, depending on where the customer is seated.

  • Tables will only be set in advance if they have been booked.

  • Staff will take the order while stood at a social distance.

  • Interaction with customers will only be made when appropriate and while adhering to social distancing.

  • Staff must wear disposable gloves when required.

  • Staff will ensure the safety of customers as they are leaving the building (ensuring the corridors and stairways are clear).

  • Staff must clean and sanitize any tables or chairs used by customers before allowing any other customer to be seated.



  • We are trusting our suppliers to implement the same rules as we do.

  • Deliveries will be received in a designated area, and this area will be cleaned thoroughly.

  • Any goods that can be sanitized will be, packaging of kitchen goods will be disposed of.

  • Staff must wash their hands after receiving a delivery.